Product Care - Liuqin 柳琴的保养


  • Avoid from excessive impact, strong direct sunlight, or store in area with percentage humidity >75%
  • Most of structural part of liuqin are glutinous. In order to avoid degumming, loosen up the strings when it is not in use and store them in dry area
  • Wipe and clean it frequently
  • Instrument can be maintained in good condition if use it regularly. It may improve it's acoustic quality at the same time


  • 避免过分撞击、强光日照、或存放在>75%的湿度环境中
  • 柳琴结构部件多用胶粘合,为避免脱胶,不用时请将琴弦略放松,并尽量存放在干燥之处  
  • 经常擦拭以保持清洁
  • 经常使用可保持柳琴共鸣体长期处于良好的振动状态,有利于柳琴结构之间的进一步调和,使柳琴声学品质日趋完美 


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