Product Care - Huqin 胡琴的保养

  • Huqin should be placed at dry and ventilated area. To avoid high moisture/temperature or extremely dry weather
  • Rosin has high absorbing ability. Thus, the bow and rod need to be cleaned after used. Then, only can place the huqin into the case
  • Slightly loosen up the string after using it. Remove the bridge or move it from the center of the vibrating membrane to the upper end, in order to protect the vibrating membrane
  • Avoid strong impact onto Huqin to prevent it from spoil / break
  • Instrument can be maintained in good condition if use it regularly. It also can improve it's acoustic quality at the same time


  • 二胡应放置于略干燥、通风之处,切忌受潮、高温或极度干燥
  • 松香具较强的吸附力,每次使用完后应及时用干软布将琴筒及琴杆上的松香粉末擦干净,再放入琴盒或琴套中
  • 使用完毕后,应略旋松琴弦,卸下琴码或将琴码从振动膜中心移至琴筒上端,起到保护振动膜作用。略旋松琴弓的调节螺丝,改变马尾的张力,延长其使用寿命
  • 琴头应避免强烈撞击,防止折断
  • 经常使用,可保持乐器处于良好的振动状态,有利于结构间进一步调和,使二胡的声学品质日趋完善


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