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Have you had a passion that must do something about it?                                                                                                                    Something that was deep into your veins and inspired from every beat of your heart? 

We have, and that's why Weilaoshi Online Store exists. We believe it's our job to spread our happiness with musics, joy and inspiration around the world. That passion and insatiable bring our vision to life and become the core of everything that we done. And all of these started with a simple social media channel. 



We've served over 100,000 customers, and each accumulated experiences bring our simple mission alive. That mission is to make our customers happy and cheers with affordable music products! At the same time, customers feel fun and enjoy while playing it. 



We're so confident that you'll like our products. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% free shipping (for Malaysian only) in all items.



Contact us now or email us at weilaoshi.music.art.workshop@gmail.com

WhatsApp at +60162181263

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