Product Care - Guitar 吉他的保养


  • Develop a good habit of hold and take guitar lightly
  • After using, wipe it up with soft cloth before place it into the case. Make sure it is stored in dry area 
  • Put it on guitar stand whenever not using it or onto a stable platform with guitar case 
  • Loosen up the strings when it is not in use and store them in dry area


  • 养成轻拿轻放吉他的好习惯
  • 每次用后,用干的软布擦净琴拧松弓毛、把琴放进琴盒盖好。并把琴盒放在干燥之处
  • 没有用吉他时,把它放在琴架上,或装在琴包/琴箱中后平放在某处
  • 不用时请将琴弦放松, 尽量存放在干燥之地


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