Product Care-Cello 大提琴的保养


  • After using cello, wipe it up with soft cloth, loosen up the string before place it into the case
  • Make sure it is stored in dry area 
  • Avoid from area with stove, heater or high humidity
  • Use scissor to cut off the loosen bow's hair, do not tear it off directly
  • Do not touch the bow's hair with bared hand and over-tighten the bow string using the cello


  • 每次用后,用干的软布擦净琴拧松弓毛、把琴放进琴盒盖好
  • 确保琴盒放在干燥之处
  • 大提琴不要靠近火炉、暖气、不能放在潮湿的地方
  • 弓毛断了不可扯掉,应用剪刀剪断以防弓毛整体脱落
  • 不可用手摸弓毛,每次练习琴弓不可拧的过紧


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