Product Care - Bamboo Flute 竹笛箫的保养


  • Most of flutes are made of bamboo, which is likely to be cracked in high or low temperature. Therefore, it should be stored in a cool dry area (during summer) and in a warm dry area (during winter)
  • Place the bamboo flute into bag / case after used
  • The flute should be stored in bag / case to avoid dust entering and sunlight exposure when not in use 


  • 大部分笛箫均为竹制,在遇到高热/低温时很可能开裂,因此夏季要存放在阴凉干燥处,冬季要存放在温暖干燥处,要注意防潮防热防寒
  • 使用完毕后,要先将笛箫装入乐器套或乐器盒
  • 不使用时,应将笛箫存放在乐器套或乐器盒中,以免风吹日晒,灰尘进入 


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